Kolbotek Investigation Results in Fish Recall


An investigation conducted by the Kolbotek TV investigative program has resulted in a directive to Rami Levy supermarkets and Yeinot Betan stores to remove fish packaged under the Delidag label, distributed by Neto. ShuferSal has voluntarily removed the products pending the results of an official investigation, Kikar.net reports.

The show documented how plants in China dealing with Israel’s popular Amnon (Tilapia) fish remove worms from the fish using forceps, as well as documenting the use of STPP phosphates to cleanse and bleach the fish, giving it a cleaner appearance. This is done after holes are made in the fish to facilitate irrigation with water.

The report adds the fish, arriving frozen, are injected with water and ice in quantities far exceeding permitted levels. In some extreme cases, the level of water/ice reached 70%-90%.

Rami Levy officials reported on Tuesday that immediately after learning of the investigation, the order was given to begin removing the product from store shelves. The stores are indicating they will no longer carry the products until such time the Ministry of Health gives approval, questioning where the ministry has been throughout this entire process.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)