SuperBus Disappointed – Chareidim Don’t Want to Drive


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The management of SuperBus is not only disappointed, but perplexed, admittedly, as to why members of the chareidi community have not responded to the call to enlist chareidi drivers, at a good hourly wage, good benefit package, and enabling people to work in their home community of Modi’in Illit.

YWN-Israel reported last week that the bus company continues making a genuine effort but to date, reports chareidim are uninterested in driving buses it appears.

Company officials explain they have been trying to enlist drivers to take routes in chareidi areas, Modi’in Illit and Beit Shemesh, but the tzibur does not appear interested. The company is willing to pay for the training to obtain a license to operate a public bus, as well as promising hours that accommodate a chareidi lifestyle.

Interestingly, in Elad the problem does not exist, with about 50% of the drivers being chareidi. Company officials are pondering why in Modi’in Illit, residents are not responsive.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. Got to check what the rules for children to register in chadorim are in MODIIN, could be that a working tatty can not enlist his child in the elite gan/chedar in town if they are working.. Strange yet TRUE!!

  2. #2 is partially right! It’s hard enough trying to get a kid into a good cheder or beis Yaakov in Modiin Elite; if the parent was to tell the principal that he’s a bus driver, he is basically digging his own grave.

    In addition, the “bushah” level is abnormal – any kid who’s parent does any type of ‘blue collar’ work here, is too embarrassed to show their face.

    What a mess Am Yisrael is in!

  3. #3 – SuperBus is the bus line that serves the Charedi communities here. As opposed to Egged, it is privately owned and can therefore cater more to the “needs” of the frum communters (women in the back or underneath with the luggage, less emphasis on cleanliness, unscheduled stops, very flexible itineraries, etc.) This is a golden opportunity for some “tatties” to support their families, but hey – who wants to work!

  4. #3
    Superbus is an alternative to, and in some cases, a replcement for Egged.
    If age is not a factor, where can I sign up for training? I would be back in Israel in a flash.