Major Fines for Violating ‘Day of Rest’ Laws in Israel


The Tel Aviv District Labor Court fined Big Mama HaNatziv LTD of Tel Aviv of violating worker’s rights my having employees work on shabbos, without paying them overtime since they were working on their legal day of rest.

Legally, shabbos is the state’s ‘day of rest’ and as such, workers cannot be compelled to work and if they do work, they must receive a wage commensurate with the overtime hours. The court fined the restaurant NIS 151,560 and the local authority NIS 10,000. The fines were levied as part of plea bargain agreement that followed an admission of guilt.

In addition, the Ministry of Industry & Trade levied a fine of NIS 121,000 for not notifying workers of their rights and having them sign a form acknowledging their standard hours and obligations.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)