Over 100 Chareidim to Enter Military Intelligence


According to a report appearing in the weekly IDF Bamachane, the military plans to attract 500 chareidim to join the ranks of military intelligence. In its program Bina B’Yarok, the army reports 100 chareidim are preparing to join the program in the next enlistment, all moving to the Intelligence Corps.

The program was launched about a year ago, working to deploy chareidim in certain areas where they have proven to excel while permitting them to maintain their lifestyle, such as serving as technicians in the air force or intelligence units.

To date, 130 members of the program are doing fine, most working in technical and related administrative posts but the new inductees appear headed for intelligence. According to Rabbi Major Netanel of the Intelligence Corps, the program will offer a career, not just mandatory service and those who fit the profile will be eligible for officers training as well as a career position.

A member of the Intelligence Corps Rabbinate will oversee the program and see to the religious needs and lifestyle of the new soldiers. The military is about to begin advertising in the chareidi media in addition to host two enlistment meetings, a kenos of sorts, to introduce the program to interested candidates.

According to Rav Netanel, the new program will indeed be tailor suited to accommodate a chareidi lifestyle, permitting davening time, learning time, and food with hechsherim and preparation in adherence to the lives of those involved.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)


  1. #2 Your claim of not making a joke is obviously a poor attempt at a joke and it failed.

    The fact is that Cheredim because of their study of Gemara they can see from all the angles that it is humanly possible to see from and thus are far better candidates then other who did not spend their lives in such study.

  2. hereorthere, i was just kidding around, dont forget, i learned in yeshiva and i have smicha, believe me, i know that! just making a joke…
    the truth is though that many of the people called chareidim in eretz yisroel aren’t like the yungerleit coming out of beis medrash elyon or r’ chiam floor’s (spelling?) kollel, they’re very one sided and not so educated, even in gemara.

  3. Sephardim, most likely speak more languages than askenazim, and any shomer Torah who also learns is above average.
    Don’t forget, the brain is like a muscle, the more you use it the better. Many have a tendency to ridiculize others, when their own mishaps give them a guilty conscience.
    Try it out! Learn Torah and you will also be smart.

    We should count our blessings, our own country,(Israel)and a DF that tries to respect,at least in this unit, the obligations of those who decide to keep our Commandments…

  4. That is why in the laws of Loshson hara it says it is not mutar to say something wrong even as a joke.

    As for the quailty of bachurim today, I’m sure that at least some are doing well.

    I personally know one who started as Ba’al Teshuvah about 10 years ago and now is giving syumim and it considered by his rabbis to be
    someone who will become a very great Talmud Chachom eventually.

  5. Hanavon – comment #2 & #7. One of the critisms often launched against the Charedim in Israel is the fact that most of them benefit from state money and services, yet do not serve in the army and do not work, thus do not pay taxes. It strikes me as strange that when a positive, pragmatic solution is presented which would help to counter these claims, the very people that attack the charedim most are the ones who are the most negative about possible solutions.

    What would make you happy? If all the charedim would suddenly become open-minded pluralists would that be enough for you? What fantasy scenario would satisfy you?

    If the critics of the charedi system do not support efforts to change it, who will?

  6. It ceases to amaze me that if an article is about Lubavitch, Ashkenazim and Sephardim, Chabad, Chareidem or a Jew who dresses in clothes other than black, certain Rebbe’s of one movement meeting with a Rebbe of another movement, that all the cheshbon takers come out to weigh in their judgements. Not cool.

  7. MoshiachNow01,

    Chareidim are the ones that dress in black. Me thinks that you’re are clueless or have started drinking early. If the latter, ah freihleche Purim.