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Supreme Court: Restaurant Must Comply with Rabbinical Guidelines

The High Court of Justice has handed down a decision that is indeed a victory for Ashdod Chief Rabbi Yosef Sheinen Shlita in the ongoing saga of a bakery owned by a Jew for “J”, owned and operated by Penina Comforti.

As was reported a number of months ago by YWN –Israel, a lower court ordered the Ashdod Religious Council to issue a kashrut certificate to the bakery, despite the fact Comforti is unwilling to pay for a fulltime mashgiach in compliance with demands by the rabbonim, who are aware of her religious leanings.

The High Court ruled that if the owner is unwilling to comply with the regulations set forth by Rabbi Sheinen, then the religious council is not compelled to issue a kashrut certificate.

In the ruling released on Tuesday, Justices Eliezer Rivlin, Salim Jubran and Ayala Procaccia explained that in order for the bakery to receive a kashrut certificate from the local rabbinate, it must comply with the directives set forth.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. This is no victory at all. A true victory would have been if the supreme court had acknowledged that neither it nor the lower court has any jurisdiction here. As long as the court asserts that it has the right to render decisions on matters of issur v’heter the situation is far from satisfactory.

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