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NYC Urging Residents to Send in Census Forms

 Hey New Yorkers…send back those census forms!

That’s the message Mayor Bloomberg was trying to get out on Wednesday as officials learn the city is lagging behind the nation in mailing their census forms back.

WCBS reporter Paul Murnane says the city is launching an outreach-education effort.

Parts of Sound View in the Bronx and Ocean Hill in Brooklyn haven’t sent back a single census reply, says Bloomberg. Less than two percent of Jamaica and Manhattan’s Lower East Side have mailed it in.

“Our share is determined by our percentage of the population and our percentage of the population. The only thing that matters is the numbers of the census that is the definitive thing. Whether people are there or not, we don’t get money if they’re not counted,” said Bloomberg.

In immigrant communities especially there is fear, says the Mayor. Some just couldn’t be bothered.

The door-to-door gathering of data starts soon and another round of forms goes out to some neighborhoods later this month.


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  1. Article I, section 2 of the Constitution calls for an enumeration of citizens every ten years, for the purpose of apportioning Congressional Seats among the various states. In other words, the census should be nothing more than a headcount.

    Only tell them how many people live in the house. That’s what I did.

    I want to know why it’s so gosh-darn important for the Federal government to know if I have a mortgage. Why is it their business, unless they’re going to pay it for everyone! I found the questions to be invasive & if i won’t answer these things to my friends & family, why would I tell the government?

    I have to say, I felt so empowered by NOT complying with their unreasonable demands. Now if I get hauled off to jail I’ll be sure to let you know so you can bake me a cake with a file in it!

  2. #1 – Now that the weather is getting nicer, you really need to get out more. Want to feel really empowered and sock it to unreasonable demands? Get the price of matzohs to $10/lb.

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