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Unfortunately, Chametz Restaurants Operating in Yerushalayim

This year, stores are increasingly brazen in defiance of the Chametz Law and yomtov, with a larger number opening their doors on Monday, the first day yomtov, as well as during Chol Hamoed, some offering their standard chametz menus, including pasta and what have you.

This includes but is not limited to Iwo Hamburger, Chili Pizza, Link, Mechanyuda, Yehoshea and Bolint.

Yehoshea owner Yair Danziger even admits he is somewhat [pleasantly] surprised that as of Chol Hamoed, chareidim have not even protested outside his store, indicating perhaps they have tired of such efforts. He believes the chareidim realize “they lost”.

From Jerusalem City Hall’s perspective, it appears inspectors responsible for enforcing the law are not being dispatched, with the explanation that no action will be taken unless complaints are received.

(Yechiel Spira – YWN Israel)

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  1. I think his comment indicates the Chareidim are doing the right thing. It sounds like this guy just wants attention. Next year: no news story about him and he will have withered into nothingness.

  2. What a disgrace!
    Where are the police today? – too busy searching for someone in the Shomron building a new tool shed?

  3. sorry, Yair Danziger. Hashem does not grow tired, nor does He sleep, and He will not ‘give up’ about you selling chometz in the Ir Hakodesh.

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