An Observation By YW Editor


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ap cover1.jpgWhile scanning through the Ynet website a few moments ago, it was comical to read the following two short news clips. #1 – 6:48AM (Israel time) Palestinians opened fire at IDF forces operating in Ramallah in two separate incidents Friday morning…….IDF forces arrested seven gunmen etc. Three minutes later, Ynet posted the following news clip:

#2- 6:51AM (Israel time) The release of 250 Palestinian prisoners from Ketziot Prison begun early Friday. The prisoners have begun undertaking final tests and boarding the buses. The prisoners will be escorted to Bitunia crossing in the West Bank, from which they will be transferred to the Palestinian Authority.

Insane. –YW Editor.


  1. now that israel will have 250 empty prison beds, they can fill them up 1 by 1 starting with olmert, on to barak, peres,sharon, sharon jr., burg,itzik, pines-paz, vanunu REAL prisoners.

  2. COMICAL??? Are you so disconnected from the plight of your brethren here in our Holy Land of Eretz Yisrael that this is COMICAL? Come on, it terrible, nauseating, disgusting — anything BUT comical?
    Please try to be more sensitive to those of us who are trying to survive the ‘malchus hakefira’ here in Artzeinu HaKedosha! Thanks!


    All Israel accomplished is painting a target on every Jews back.

    When you release these murderers you encourage more terror.

    B”H my son was injured and can no longer serve in a kravi unit in Gaza – its sad we have to think this way isn’t it?

  4. Some of them are criminals? What has Avraham Burg ever done?
    And don’t worry about Sharon, HKB”H is taking care of him.

  5. What has Avraham Burg ever done? You must be kidding! For starters, do you remember this happened a mere 6 weeks ago:

    Former Knesset speaker and ex-head of the Jewish Agency Avraham Burg has sparked quite a brouhaha with a recent interview in the Israeli daily Ha’aretz. Among other things, he said that “to define the State of Israel as a Jewish state is the key to its end. A Jewish state is explosive. It’s dynamite.”

    I guess you might say he joined Neturei Karta, except he didn’t.

  6. Any year that the Bais HaMikdash has not been rebuilt it would have been destroyed that year had it still been there. We see events that make no sense if we don’t look at them through Torah vision. The fools and inmates are running the assylum and the leaders ;’minds have been confused.Why don’t they just hand over the country to Fatah? Like that they will get more money from other countries and they would have the tough guys in charge.Peace is breaking out in pieces.May H’K’B”H help us and bring us a yeshuah so 9 Av will be a memory only.

  7. At the same time that we recognize that this is obviosly a sad story, we can also focus at the comical side of it. That is to laugh at how foolish those who have strayed from the torah can behave, lacking any sense of direction & going in circles (fighting terrosism & releasing terrorists at the same time).
    May hashem enlighten us all speedily in our days.

  8. Mormat, YW editor,
    AGAIN, you guys just don’t get it! To sit in your armchairs in America while the Israeli gov’t is foolishly endangering the lives of your BROTHERS, children, etc. in Israel is NOT COMICAL! It may be idiotic, but it’s no laughing matter. Are you so detached from everything that it’s just a joke????