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PHOTOS: Burning The Flag In Front Of Ponavez

A protest took place earlier in Bnei Brak, in front of the Ponavez Yeshiva as the nation marks Independence Day. According to published reports, most of the participants are not local residents, but from Yerushalayim.

A few Israeli flags were set ablaze in front of the yeshiva, as a large flag waves on the pole above the yeshiva building as is the custom annually on Independence Day (reported earlier by YWN).

From the photos (link below) is seems that besides for some older individuals from Yerushalayim, local children seemed to be enjoying the protest.

As for the Yeshiva Bochrim: They stood on the steps of the Yeshiva (directly under the flag pole), and watched with amusement.

 It is unknown if anyone was arrested.

YWN PHOTO LINK: Click HERE for photos.

(Dov Gordon – YWN Israel)

38 Responses

  1. What’s the point of the burning? I’m far from a Zionist, but if they’re unhappy in the country where they are they can either vote to change it’s direction of go back to Hungry, Roumania, Transyvania or wherever their ancestors came from and see if it’s better there.

    Why must they inflame others?

  2. These kind of actions do the same effect as the actions of the zionist that they so vehemently protest.. How about spending the day doing KIRUV instead of doing things that will surely keep the secular away from Torah. Shame!!!!

  3. We all want Eretz Yisrael to help out the Chareidim more whether it being more funding for the Yeshivos Hakedoshos or more money for the Kollel Yungeleit or whatever else they may want. One thing I would like to say is that when people burn the Israeli Flag they are just feeding excuses and reasons that the Government uses not to be more helpful to Bnai Yisrael Hakedoshim Vehatehorim.

  4. to #5 – frumimaof3 ,

    I get the impression that they would not want to do kiruv; they don’t care for anyone else. I think they like making a protest for no other reason than for making a protest and expressing hatred.

  5. What’s next after the flag burning, – a protest for more government funds?!?!?!?!?

    These people are fools…
    No respect for the Roshei Yeshiva who decided to fly the flag at the yeshiva.
    No concept of ahavas Yisrael.
    No concept of kiruv rechokim.
    No concept of achdus in Am Yisrael.

  6. its mazing how much time these guys have when they are suppose to be learning Torah all day
    I would send all of them to the front lines
    Maybe they would learn have more respect for those who serve and protect them. Obviously they are not learning anything of value in Yeshiva

  7. It’s a fire hazard, in front of a ‘public’ building. Need to bring out the pumpers spraying water and have water cannons standing by to extinguish the fire.

  8. That’s a problem I often see in E”Y. You have bored children running amok and acting like animals. Where are their parents?

  9. To be fair, it is quite likely these yidden (their appropriateness not in question) do NOT get money from state, and do not want other yeshivas and kollels too either.

    It though as someone who is not Zionist and in line with the Eidah opinion give a Huh? Unfortunately, I heard adam gadol once say, there are not sports (or at least to the degree in America) in Israel, so when a young bochur felt like wasting time, they just wasted time hocking sports or other naarishkeit, not do things that are seemingly quite counterproductive and potentially dangerous.


  10. “It is unknown if anyone was arrested.”

    Why should anyone be arrested? Has free speech been eliminated in Israel that it is possible to arrest someone for flag burning??

  11. what exactly was the point of this?? dont these ppl believe in chilul hashem? its pathetic. say whatever u want but the israeli government is protecting u!! y bite the hand that feeds u?? it makes no sence!! these ppl r kafoi tov and they call themselves torahdig and yeshivish! i wonder if the founders of the yeshiva would approve of such behavior!?

  12. #10 Which one would you rather meet in a dark alley? While I don’t agree with the flag burners and I thing Ponovitz flag is a kiddush h-shem, your exaggeration is bordering sinas chinam

  13. NYC9999999 It is people like you who are the real safe hating Jews. Because some guys did something foolish you compare them to Bin Laden and Arab terrorists-how sad…

  14. Dear Yeshivworld editor, please consider taking these pictures down. The last thing we need is for the mainstream media to pick up on this story.

  15. Pac-man,

    It’s possible to make flag burning in America illegal (an amendment to the constitution lost by 1 vote(home of free speech).

  16. OMG this makes me feel sick to my stomach what a chillul Hashem all that zionist stuff happened 63 years ago get over it zionism is dead and there are many chardei leaders in politics plus appreciate the fact you live in eretz yisrael and not in some hut in poland crying over that fact that the leader of the land is throwing you out with nothing but the clothes on your back and dreaming only dreaming if the day you will return to ZION!

  17. To All who don’t like the idea of Burning a Isreali Flag;

    I don’t know if its legal or not. but I do understand that some pepole can not take the idea of the isreali state, because its against the torah, plus evrything whats going on over their. and they have the right to express their position. and they just want you to know about it. and its good they acomlished what they want.

    Hopefully they will stop burning the flags soon. with the coming of MASSIACH and the Zionist idea will be over.

  18. I consider myself Chareidi when i saw the article this morning about the flag i had such a nice feeling.
    “Maybe this is the start of a new trend, who can be better than the Ponavez Yeshiva to lead the way.”
    With all the baseless hate – WE have Torah on our side it is for us to extend the hand of achdus we can not expect it from the other side.
    And now this
    – What a missed opportunity
    – What a disgrace.

  19. moshe1…

    NOW you use the secular Zionists as an excuse for staying here.
    WHAT will you use as an excuse to stay in America AFTER mashiach comes?!? Come on Moshe, be honest – you know you want to stay HERE and DON”T want to move THERE.
    Tell the TRUTH Moshe – HaSh-m knows your every thought.

  20. Its an animalistic act to burn a flag. Hamas and Hetzbollah burned the American flag after 9/11. I’m not comparing these jews to those arabs, but there are other ways to protest than burning of a flag.

  21. Disgusting. If this were Arabs doing the burning we’d all be screaming for their heads. Unfortunately some of the worst vitriol against Israel comes from Jews.

    I have a suggestion for these anti-Zionists: Go live in the religious paradise called Gaza.

  22. why is everyone assuming it’s not from the neturei karta once you say that it all makes sense and we dont have to go around bashing each other

  23. I’m not sure what is stupider , these dummies burning the flag, or the genius that posted this story ?
    Like what’s the purpose? Why don’t you show pics of Belleveu ?

  24. Yom Hazikaron
    In his final message as Scholar-In-Residence at YILC this past Shabbat, Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter described Rav Soloveitchik’s sentiments toward the Israeli flag. As Yom Hazikaron begins, let us be reminded of the Rav’s words, and let us take them… to heart: “If you ask me how I, as a Talmudic Jew, look at the flag of the State of Israel, and whether it has any halakhic value, I will give you a simple answer. I am not impressed at all by the allure of a flag or similar ceremonial symbols. Judaism negates the worship of material objects. However, we must not ignore the law in the Shulkhan Arukh (Yoreh De’ah 364:4) which says that a Jew who is killed by non-Jews is buried in his clothing, so that his blood will be seen and he will be avenged. This is in accordance with the verse, “I will forgive, but I will not forgive their blood” (Yoel 4:21). In other words, Jewish clothing acquires a certain sanctity when it is stained with holy blood. How much more profoundly does the blue and white flag, which is soaked with the blood of thousands of young Jews who fell defending the land and the Jewish settlement. . . . It has a spark of holiness which flows from their devotion and self-sacrifice. We are all obligated to honor the flag and to relate to it respectfully.” (The Rav Speaks: Five Addresses). May Hakadosh Baruch Hu remember and take ever closer to Him the Neshamot of the brave men and women who gave their lives Al Kiddush Hashem, Ha`am, V`haaretz.

  25. Shame on all those folks in the Picture. In a normal world, you all would be charged for Sedition. When I saw the picture it looked like a chapter from what the Muslims do.

    Israel is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but if these guys want the PLO, Hamas, Hezbollah and the rest of the gang running the show there in for a horrific rude awakening.

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