MAILBAG: An Open Letter To Mosdei Chinuch


ywnlnEnrollment into yeshivei ketana/day schools started after sukkos, before a lot of children settled in to their respective kindergartens. Next came the push to be accepted, along with all the “pull” it takes to get in. By the time Jan 1 comes along the schools don’t accept anyone anymore, unless “people back out”. The whole time until your child is accepted you’re left wondering what is going to happen to my child, where is he going to go next year.

We are dealing with a child’s neshama here.

Just this past year I thought of a vort that is worth sharing (especially here).

Reuvain tells Yaakov in Parshas Mekeitz “If I don’t return Binyamin you can take my two sons” to which Yaakov states “My son is an idiot, aren’t his sons mine too?” The Ramaban explains that Reuvain was saying this b’derech Keifel (double, twice the amount that was stolen). This is very perplexing, since if someone kidnaps someone else they should get death not pay double? The answer I came up with is very disturbing, Reuvain considered his sons (and by extension children in general) his possessions, and therefore I take away one of your possessions you take away two of mine. This is seen later on in the Midbar when Shevet Reuvain wanted to live B’Eveir HaNahar. They came up to Moshe Rabbeinu and stated their cattle first and then their children, to which Moshe answers “no” whereby this time they switch their request and put their children first.

This being said, if we put our children, and in general our community’s children, first and foremost (instead of running schools like a business that is meant to make money), we would stop making Reuvain’s mistake and produce respectable Yidden and not just numbers.

Name withheld upon request.

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  1. Good point however very very parve.
    First off I want to say that altough all directors and owners of yeshivahs and schools have parents crying and pleading to them about acceptance , tuition , and any other problem which makes them feel important if they would ever hear the way the public talks about them they would never even venture out in public from shame. Funny in ny there are so many schools that are “have beens” now they are scrambling for students they have to settle for “second rate”
    Nothing last forever !
    Who do these people think they are ?! If not for us applying they would be out of bussiness in a year . One school in ny does not allow parents to speak in a private office , all in front of an audience of secretaries , all in order to embarress parents! What do they think לית דין ולית דייו? Every one has his time

  2. I have periodically felt that your site is more obnoxious than it is worth. But an obnoxious, anonymous, stupid post like this is over the top. Making a posting on your site is only what you want and playing your game. I am going to send copies of this to your advertisers and ask them if this is the type of news site they want to advertise in.

    I am not anonymus
    Nachum Bergos
    [email protected]

  3. 3- You clearly have no children in any New York City mosdos. You should be ashamed of yourself for attacking the letter writer, and YWN for publishing it.

    I’ve been through gehenom dealing with the mosdos in NYC.

    Maybe we should start posting their names.

    People should think twice before applying to those schools.

  4. Thank you for choosing to publish my comment. I have already sent a protest to three of your advertisers. I am in the process of writing more

  5. One more point , never ever would I advocate not paying tuition or shirking our responsibility as parents chas vsholom . All I am referring to is the lack of kovod and mentchlichkeit exhibited towards parents . I bh have children that are extremely well behaved, I promise you it’s not the school, it is the home , there is no way my kids would pick up middos from the menahel or the menaheles , much less from the director who runs around screaming about the most trivial things all day. Although most mechanchim are excellent like 99% unbelievable people the owners/directors have a lot to learn I once saw a parent of a suspended child knocking and begging to speak to the director because her son was suspended from class for two weeks , which coincided with his bar mitzvah she was ignored so that there should be no class of boys by his simcha if not for a rebbe a tzadik that would have happened . I work there so I know . Rabbossia don’t think you are unsinkable many years passed now since yeshivios have opened in America we now see many yeshivos and girls schools that were infamous in the way they they treated parents tgrought the years,suffering from legal matters or just plain disinterest and plummeting applications.

  6. Thank you YWN for bringing this topic up for discussion. This needs to be pinned to the top for a long time and you need to allow “all” comments on…this is the end of the line for many of us….


    Moderator’s Note: You called Frum yidden “nazi mengaleh ym”s doing their selexia”… And you want that published?

  7. 1) Teachers are continuously calling & harrassing parents by pressuring them to accepts thier children into various “Programs” that would assist thier child in class and in general. We have no doubt, theres big incentives for the teachers, principles & the school if the parents comply. This is going on to such a large extent, that many parents are considering switching schools for all thier children just because they are fed-up. Most of these children just need some encouragement and attention & we parents know that. What a shame!
    2)There are numerous Jewish Community Schools in the N.Y area inc. Boro Park that have been and currently discriminating & bullying parents to vaccinate. Many of these parents have strong religious or other reasons for not vaccinating thier children at all or on a slower pace. This is going to stop!
    We are exposed to everything all day & wherever we go. We go to Shul, parties, events, stores, parks & no one is asking us for our immunization documents. NYC Public schools, numerous private & community schools accept “Religious Exemption Forms” & show 100% compliance when the Health Department shows up.
    Why are the Principles of these large schools bullying parents into vaccinating thier children?
    3) Schools are forcing parents to pay for various funds at the beginning of the year that have absolutley nothing to do with tuition. Tuition is tough enough & extra stress is just plain “Cruel”!
    4) Speak up & dont let anyone roll you over!!

  8. To all of the NY kvetchers –
    Here is a solution – move out of town!
    They would love to have your kids in school and the administration is made up of real metchlechkeit people (if not, the board would fire them). The Rebbeim are great and the tuition is affordable.
    Be part of the solution!

  9. In NY and presumably in EY you have a lot of schools to choose from. If you don’t like how one school is treating you or your child then you can vote with your feet. In NY I understand that the Govt. shoulders a good part of the cost of educating your child. Have a thought for us in the Midwest. Not so many in-town choices. If you don’t get on with the local school you have little recourse. And as for tuition you (and the community) are on your own.

  10. #11 Children benefit and receive free and valuable services after their children are evaluated. OT helps their attention, handwriting, coordination and self worth, Special Ed and Speech benefits their language processing, maintaining memory of core learning blocks, behavioral and cognitive delays.

    DONT VACCINATE —then home school. Your children are a danger to others except on specific exempted cases.

  11. Health authorities do not believe that your child is entitled to be educated unless he or she has first been indoctrinated and intoxicated by the demigods of vaccination. Parents who question the necessity and morality of this dangerous and invasive policy are derisively informed that unvaccinated children are a scourge on society. We are told that “everyone” — your children and mine — must be vaccinated or the “protective cocoon” will fail. Apparently, vaccines are a colossal waste of technology unless market share is complete!

    Vaccines are not legally required for your child to enter school. Each state offers legal exemptions to “mandatory” injections. Health authorities rarely inform parents of their rights. If you are opposed to vaccines for your child, read your state vaccine laws and submit an exemption.
    School officials have become henchmen for the vaccine industry. Low-risk children are being force-vaccinated to protect high-risk adults or to increase the vaccine manufacturer’s profits. “Blackmailing families by threatening to withhold a child’s education for refusing needless vaccines is a moral outrage.”