In New TV Ad, Giuliani Pitches For Lhota; Highlights Lhota’s Role During 9/11


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In an attempt to appeal to the hearts of Republican primary voters, Joe Lhota’s campaign released a 2nd 30-second TV ad starting to air today. In the commercial, former mayor Rudy Giuliani touts his Deputy Mr. Lhota’s role during the 9/11 attacks. “It was Joe who kept the city running during 9/11,” Rudy Giuliani says of his fellow Republican. “Joe was one of the most effective leaders in my administration.”

The Lhota campaign hopes that both Giuliani’s endorsement and the invocation of 9/11 and anti-terror themes would play well with GOP primary voters.

“In these uncertain times, there’s only one candidate for mayor who’s already proven he’s ready. More recently, Joe got our subways on line after Sandy,” Giuliani says of Lhota.

“Take it from me: Joe is New York — and he’s ready to be our mayor.”

Republican candidate George McDonald responded with a bland call to leave 9/11 out of the race. “After 12 years, it’s time we finally move forward and not dwell on the past,” he said.

Lhota’s main rival in the Republican primary, John Catsimatidis, challenged Giuliani’s account by highlighting the role played by governor George Pataki – a Catsimatidis supporter. “Mayor Giuliani along with his police, fire, and OEM commissioners all took action on 9/11. Gov. Pataki and his administration called out the National Guard, oversaw the Port Authority and the MTA and suspended many state laws,” Catsimatids spokesman Rob Ryan said. “These facts beg the question: How exactly was Joe Lhota ‘running’ the city?”

(Jacob Kornbluh – YWN)