My Ben Bayis Abused My Kids!


As I sit here writing this letter in tears of pain, disgust, anger etc. We had a 23 Y.O. baocher who came to our home for Shabbosim and Yomim Tovim , as no one should be alone for these times, what better feeling than to help such a person. On parshas Chayei Sarah he decided to abuse our 8 y.o. daughter and 7 y.o. son.

My wife and myself took them to the state sponsored “psychologist”. They are limited to only providing therapy for the both of them. However my whole family of 7 requires support and therapy as well. The stress and fights have escalated in my home. We were told by Rabbanim as well as doctors we must get out of our home because it is the place the crime took place and the healing process will not be able to start till we are out of here. We were also told by the District Attorney’s office here they are very limited on funds and what they can do to investigate every case so we should hire a private lawyer.

I am begging you PLEASE save my marriage, my children who it happened to, and all my children. We don’t have money to put food on our table and for sure not to get the right help and medications. I am severely disabled and can not hold a job, my wife takes care of me and the kids. She is left with no time for herself or anything else. She has the responsibility to care for one of our children who was born with a sever disability and is the only one capable of taking him to the hospital when he has a seizure or any other complications. Unfortunately this occurs regularly.

Due to all of these factors we are in desperate need of immediate assistance, I can not even provide our basic needs not to mention taking the family away for a break from all of our emotional pains we are going through.