There’s a Serious Food Crisis and Tomchei Shabbos Needs Your Help!


With the COVID-19 outbreak constantly increasing, daily complications arise for families all over. Many find themselves suddenly burdened with an acute food crisis. Tomchei Shabbos has been inundated these past few days with requests for assistance, as households from all walks of life struggle with their new reality. Every hour, the Tomchei Shabbos staff is adding clients and doing their very best to ensure everyone is properly taken care of.

These problems are made more difficult for Tomchei by the quarantine and social distancing. Because now, no tables are set up in Yeshiva to collect donations. No stands are appearing in front of stores, no tents by Shuls. Even personal appointments are impossible in this situation. So, fundraising has become severely limited, at the same time as the budget is skyrocketing.

Suppliers are increasing prices, more people are requesting assistance, and every part of the deliveries have to be reworked for the new health concerns. As such, the budget for the already expensive Pesach season is rapidly ballooning to astronomical proportions. But, with fundraising limited to phone and emails, Tomchei Shabbos is struggling mightily to keep up. Only with your help can we manage this tremendous Food Crisis together.