Despite Surgeon’s Best Efforts, Man Receives Horrific News

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In their modest home in Beit Shemesh, the 9 Klatzkin kids lived normal lives. Their father worked hard to support them as best he could. They played the way children play, and their mother worked hard to raise them. However a dark cloud came over their happy family a year and a half ago, when their father was diagnosed with stage 5 cancer.


Like many whose lives are struck by cancer, they were swept into a whirlwind of chaos. Eliyahu flew to America, where two large tumors were removed. However despite the surgeon’s best efforts, the cancer remained. When he returned back to Israel, he had one option left: A highly specialized medication, which was not covered by his insurance.


Of course, the Klatzkins opted to pay for the astronomically expensive medication, rather than to give up on his life. He has a wife and 9 beautiful children to live for. However, now their time has run out. After managing to pull together nearly $14,000 each month for the pills, they have hit a brick wall of debt. The children are suffering. Eliyahu and his wife are scrambling to find their next viable step.


A Chesed Fund page opened on their behalf shows letters from rabbanim stressing the urgency of their situation, as well as hospital documents detailing the shocking monthly 50,000 shekel fee. A video shows Eliyahu on couch, surrounded by his sons. He struggles to keep an optimistic outlook, but the tension in the room is clear.


Those who wish to help fund Eliyahu’s recovery can donate here.