WATCH!! New Music Video from Avromi Spitz featuring Pumpidisa

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Avromi Spitz has been a singer-songwriter ever since he was a young teenager. We are very excited to announce that he is releasing his debut Album titled “FAITH”. All the compositions are heart warming and are all based on the simple idea of FAITH. His music is fresh and inspires the hearts and souls of all that listen. He has been performing all over the world, from the late Thursday nights in the old city (just outside the Kotel), to the small intimate kumzitz in his hometown, Pomona, NY. With guest appearances by Pumpidisa Band, Eli Levin, and Moshe Storch this album is surely going to have you singing along and feeling inspired. The album is available wherever jewish music is sold.

Watch Here!

Available on Itunes!

Composed & Performed by: Avromi Spitz
Produced and Arranged by: Doni Gross
Distributed by: MrM Distribution



  1. I get it that its a paid ad, but at least a warning that there are ladies in this video and to top it off they’re dancing for those that wouldnt have otherwise watched it ans certainly wouldnt have suspected it in a so called frum music video would be very appropriate. Alot of us use your website since its is supposedley kosher