Our Daughter Is Blind; Please Give Her The Gift Of Eyesight

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Chana, our first born, was born blind, an expensive transplant is her only hope to see and develop as a normal child. Your help is needed. In their letter, Chana’s parents turn to their extended family – Klal Yisroel to plea that you open your hearts and help make this dream a reality

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Chana is our first born; our overwhelming joy of parenthood was deeply disturbed when the doctors informed us that our daughter is blind and that she had no chance of ever seeing.

With no doctor In Israel giving her any hope, we wasted no time and spared no effort. After much research they found Dr. Gerald Zaidman at the Westchester Medical Center, a specialist in corneal transplants. We were advised that he may be able to help. Although our insurance company refused to cover any expenses involved, we traveled to New York to meet with Dr. Zaidman. After examining Chana’s eyes he agreed to perform the surgery and was very optimistic that the surgery will be successful.

One year ago the transplant on one eye was successfully performed, thanks to generous donors from around the world. And the miracle occurred; Chana began to partially see from one eye!

Chana is still over %75 blind!

Although the surgery was more successful than expected, Chana is still over %75 blind! A second transplant and expensive treatments and therapy can grant her the vision needed to function and develop as a normal child.

To make this a reality we must raise $70,000, to cover the high costs of the transplant and other medical expenses not covered by insurance.

We never dreamt we would be turning to others for help, But we cannot let our daughter miss her only opportunity to see! And unfortunately we cannot do this by ourselves. So we turn to you – our extended family and plea that you open your hearts and help us in any way possible to make this dream a reality.

Please donate generously!

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Levi and Dina Nabul