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Roof Caves in on Mikvah under Construction Save Baltimore’s New Mikvah

Baltimore’s Jewish community had been looking forward to the completion of the much needed Mikvah Arugas Habosem, the mikvah of the famed Brider Rebbe, zatzal. But on Tuesday, November 13, disaster struck – when the roof caved in during a major renovation and expansion project.  In an instant, the site went from a building site to a disaster area.

There is no remnant of the nearly completed roof. It is all in shambles – with beams and poles scattered inside the building like pick up sticks. The cost of the cleanup and repair is estimated to be at least $250,000. The insurance company’s offer of reimbursement falls far short of the cost – and the issue can take months to resolve – if ever.

But the community can’t wait. They are depending on you.

Please help repair the damage – and further taharas Yisroel in Baltimore.

The roof collapse is a huge crisis for Baltimore Jewry. The city depends on a full service mikvah for the growing and expanding community. The mikvah’s location makes it difficult for many to use it on Friday nights and yamim tovim. Since 1951, the Brider Rebbe’s mikvah has filled the void, by opening its shul mikvah doors in the basement of the rebbe’s home to those in need, regardless of the time of day or night.

Khal Arugas Habosem recently embarked on a much-needed construction project; building a new modern mikvah with conveniences and amenities – an initiative that was welcomed and endorsed by the city’s many rabbonim. The mikvah under construction was intended to greatly ease the burden on families, and bring kedushah to a large number of people who toivel daily.

But now the project caved in. 
Join us in rebuilding Mikvah Arugas Habosem.

Donate now.

Donating to a mikvah is a known segulah for children, shidduchim, health, and every brachah.

Emergency crews were called Tuesday when a portion of a Baltimore Shul under construction collapsed.

Baltimore City firefighters were called around 12:15PM to Khal Arugas Habosem – Rabbi Taub’s Shul, at 3509 Clarks Lane in northwest Baltimore.

According to Fox 5, one worker was trapped and firefighters were working on freeing the man. He was taken to the hospital with a broken leg. Two other workers were lightly injured.

The Shul has been under construction for some time.


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