An Important Message from Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser

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Recently I visited one of the 32 homes of Makor Disability Services / Women’s League. Makor is an agency that has provided the developmentally disabled community with a broad spectrum of services for the past 40 years.

Babies, toddlers, teens and adults like Suri, Dovi and Chaim live in Makor residences. Sadly, many have issues with mobility, for the most part, they are non-communicative and suffer from life-threatening health problems. With their disabilities they require –help with feeding, showering dressing, changing, and medication management.

And when Suri, Dovi, or Chaim are sick and require hospitalization – they need their caregiver with them. A familiar face to sooth them when they cry out and are scared of the hospital lights and beeping sounds. When they are frightened by a strange doctor or nurse, their advocate is by their bedside with a hug and emotional support. Most importantly we give the patient – a voice and dignity.

This life-saving advocacy for a hospitalized Makor patient is not funded by New York
State –it is completely an out of pocket expense.

Makor’s specialized care is beyond the norm and despite years of government cutbacks they maintain the highest level of care.


Give from your heart to Suri, Dovi, Chaim and the hundreds of other Makor residents.


Hashem’s precious children –they belong to you and me.

The Makor Patient Advocate Fund Under the auspicious Rabbi Dovid Goldwasser, Brachya Schuck, and Hillel Jaffa.