Please Help The Bauman Family

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This past week has been a very difficult week for the Bauman family, the Norfolk community, and all of Klal Yisrael. 

    Rabbi Reuven Bauman and his family moved to Norfolk 3 years ago to become the 7th/8th and 3rd grade rebbe for Toras Chaim Day School. Ever since the Baumans moved to Norfolk they have made a tremendous impact in their unique way. Rabbi Bauman was known for his radiant smile that you would see on him no matter what time of day. The positive influence that Rabbi Bauman had on his talmidim and community members will last a very long time. Besides for being an excellent and popular rebbe, he made time to learn with Baal Habatim and other community rebbeim. He was an amazing husband, a beloved father, and most of all a real Eved Hashem 
  Please help the Bauman family in their time of need and donate now