The Newest Jewel to the Las Vegas Crown


Tucked away from the lights of the Las Vegas scene is something that shines even brighter and that is the thriving Jewish community of Las Vegas. With a Kollel, shuls, mikvaos, growing day schools and a mesivta, Las Vegas has been an attraction to many frum families looking for a beautiful, affordable and evolving out-of-town community. However, many families found themselves sending their daughters away for high school.

Until now….

Ateres Bnos Ita, Las Vegas’ new girls’ high school has opened its doors for the 2019-2020 school year to fill the void in the community and to bring another light into the community. With seven girls in the Freshmen class from varied backgrounds and walks of life, Ateres Bnos Ita strives to reach each student on an individual level with love and care and allows each student to grow and thrive in a warm Torah environment and reach their fullest potential. 

A unique aspect of Ateres Bnos Ita is the stellar Kodesh program that in conjunction with the extracurricular program. Ateres’ Kodesh program is catered to meet all levels of Torah knowledge and skills from students coming in with limited skills and understanding of Yiddishkeit to students with advanced skills. Students are driven by a challenging curriculum to develop their skills in learning, their understanding of Torah and of how Torah applies to each of their lives.

In addition, with the recognition of the Nevada State Board of Ed, Ateres Bnos Ita provides its students with a top-quality education. Taught by experienced teachers who are masters of their trade, Ateres Bnos Ita offers a rigorous curriculum in both Judaic and Secular studies challenging students to think critically and apply their knowledge to their lives. Students will graduate from ABI prepared and ready for seminary, college and beyond with the knowledge and skills to pursue a higher education in any field they choose.

We invite you to come and take part in this new jewel and continue to share the love and beauty of Torah to the next generation (


  1. This is a very nice article. But not entirely truthful Chabad opened a girls high school in Las Vegas over 7 years ago. You may want to do a little research before writing an article.

  2. Clearly you haven’t done your research.
    Chabad closed their Girls High School in June and as the article said many Girls went out of town (even in the Chabad community).