All Donations Matched For The Next Four Days! Kupas Zichron Moshe Is Still $25,000 Short For This Yom Tov!



All donations being matched for the next 4 day’s!

Kupas Zichron Moshe is still $25,000 short for Yom Tov! Many families will be getting NO stipend this Yom Tov!

Put a smile on their faces.

Kupas Zichron Moshe was established over 10 years ago by Rav Aaron Nimerovsky, to assist the needy families in the Zichron Moshe neighborhood in Yerushalayim with Shabbos and Yom Tov expenses.

Today, over 350 families are benefiting from the kupah, with the largest disbursement in Chodesh Tishrei to cover the steep costs of the Yomim Tovim.

This year, due extreme lack of funds, and the unfortunate growth of the needy families, many families are set to receive little or no stipends at all.

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