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Software Developer was rated as the #1 Best tech jobs by US News and World Report

Software Programming Course maintains 90% placement rate

PCS /Agudath Israel, is launching the 8th cohort of their Software and Web Development course, with an option to earn a Bachelors in Computer Programming and Technology. With decades of relationships with firms, the course maintains a 90% placement rate. 

Internships and partial scholarships available. Remote option available. 

For more info:  [email protected] or 732-905-9700 x 610 or click here

 Q and A with Baruch Greenberg, course graduate

Q: Please tell us about your current programming job. 

A: I work at a large retail company in New York City. I am part of a team that is responsible for developing and maintaining the internal applications of the company, including a very complex web application that is used to enter information into the company’s website.


Q: How did the PCS Software and Web Development Course prepare you for your career?

A: The PCS Course covered topics and languages that are the most relevant in today’s market. I also learned many of the core concepts of programming, which made it relatively easy to pick up other programming languages that are used at my job.

Furthermore, PCS did not just focus on Software and Web development skills, they taught a broad range of skills that were helpful for me to develop my career. There were communication classes focusing on networking, as well as interview preparation classes, which played a tremendous role in ultimately landing my job.

PCS also has a special department devoted to helping with internships and job placement. Because they have long-standing connections with top companies, PCS maintains a very high employment rate.

Q: Is software and web development currently a lucrative field to enter?

A: It is a very lucrative field. It is a necessity for many companies, and is a core factor to their success and their ability to compete.


Q: For whom would you recommend this field?

A: I recommend this field for anyone who enjoys creativity and problem-solving, and is detail-oriented. Although math is not a central part of programming, having a “math brain” is somewhat important.

Q: Why is it important to receive proper training from industry experts before entering this field? 

A: If one does not get proper training, certain core concepts that are crucial to the success of the code can be missed. Also, proper training is important to learn code-cleanliness and best practices, which, in the long run, can make a huge difference in the code’s maintainability.

But more importantly, having a real teacher in a real classroom is what makes a person really succeed. This is one of those fields which “you don’t know it until you do it”. PCS also has special labs and lab instructors who help with hands-on practice, and has resources available for students to come and practice on their own. Going in with this type of “hands-on” approach, brings a person to true success in this field.


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