Yeshivas Iyun Halacha Starting Hilchos Brachos this Sunday

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This Sunday Yeshivas Iyun Halacha will be starting a new cycle of Hilchos Brachos.  Yeshivas Iyun Halacha is a worldwide Yeshiva geared for anyone looking to learn halacha seriously, even with a limited amount of time.  No matter whether you’re an avreich, physician, attorney, businessman or retiree if you are looking for structured learning in halacha, Yeshivas Iyun Halacha is the solution.

As Moshe Litwak, a software engineer from Silver Spring, Maryland, says: “Prior to learning at Iyun Halacha, I would learn in the beis midrash and learn the daily daf and parsha.” What was his motivation to join Iyun Halacha? “The consistent learning, systematically with marei mekomos, an outline with chazara, and a personal one-on-one connection.”

Unlike previous learning that Moshe had undertaken, this program “holds me accountable.” And his learning is reinforced by tests and exams. “Essentially, when you take the tests, you have to know the material. They will grade it, and you’ll have to defend your answers. The feedback you get is amazing.”

Participants can “virtually” attend live shiurim via Skype. Moshe says that the one-on-one connection via Skype, phone, or email, enables him to keep in contact with Iyun Halacha’s rabbanim despite the geographic distance.

“What my learning used to be was primarily Gemara learning. What was extremely lacking in my learning experience was charting the course of halacha today. Now I feel my learning is lightyears away from what it used to be.”

“If you learn through the shiurim and do the chazora program and tests your learning radically changes for the better,” Moshe says.

How has Moshe’s learning in Iyun Halacha enriched his life? “Everything we do is for the sake of Shamayim. However, everything we do is based on a halacha. When I study halacha in-depth, I’m connecting way back to the source thousands of years ago. Each of those footsteps is a Jewish person involved.”

Moshe says that he has developed a close connection with the program’s rabbanim. “The rabbanim really care.” He adds that his discussions with the rabbanim go beyond the halachic coursework. Moshe feels at ease to discuss personal issues and challenges with the rabbanim that he and his family may face.

How does Moshe fit the program into his busy schedule as a government employee?

He learns when he commutes to and from work. He downloads the mareh mekomos on his iPad. He also prints out material for Shabbos, when he does chazara of the material. When he has a test, he’ll devote any free time that he has. “The shiurim are very conducive to my one-hour commute. You make use of downtime. And it’s very manageable,” Moshe says.

Iyun Halacha gives you:

In-depth shiurim to learn at your own pace and schedule.A chazora program to review the halachic material until you master it.Individual attention with its Rabbanim via Skype, phone, and email.

To find out more about Iyun Halacha, click here.