Can You Remember 12 Blatt in 12 Days? Join the Zichru Daf Yomi Challenge.

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Think you don’t have a good memory? No way to remember Daf Yomi day after day? Simply too much material in so little time?

You’re not alone.

Almost every participant in Daf Yomi is familiar with the struggle to retain more from Daf Yomi.

Day in and day out, the Daf begins to fade away soon after the shiur or the chavrusa ends. For some it’s a frustration they’ve come to accept as the price to stick with the program. For others it’s too hard to bear and they eventually give up.

The excitement to go through Shas wears thin as many lomdei Daf Yomi wonder if the daily investment is worth it if they don’t remember much in the end.  

But how would you feel if you remembered what you learned day after day

What if you could recall by memory the major topics covered on every Daf? Imagine being able to quote the Daf a specific sugya was on and review the Dapim while driving to shul?

A new Daf Yomi program called Zichru is inviting those starting the new Daf Yomi cycle to join a 12-Day Challenge for the first perek of Berachos to demonstrate how much more can be retained from the daily Daf.

Zichru is a memory-focused program that is designed to significantly enhance one’s daf yomi experience by improving retention. It’s the brainchild of Rabbi Avraham Goldhar, a memory expert, and Mr. Barry Lebovits, a Daf Yomi Maggid Shiur, who believe lomdei Daf Yomi can get a much greater return on investment from their daily commitment.

Zichru is based on a combination of three different strategies.

1. Map out the Masechta and individual Perakim with big picture overviews so the Daf is learned in context.

2. Use a powerful memory technique to create Daf Simanim, linking key topics to their specific Daf.

3. Provide ongoing coaching to help Zichru participants improve their memory and achieve long term mastery.

How much time does the Zichru program require?

Just 5 – 10 minutes a day. That’s all.

The Co-Founders of Zichru are confident that those that use Zichru will get that “million dollar feeling”, that sense of astonishment that comes when they see for themselves that they can easily review and remember the material and know the exact Daf when quoting a source.

To join the 12-Day Challenge and learn more about Zichru go to

To learn more and to subscribe for Zichru videos, materials and updates visit and join their WhatsApp group 973-440-3013

Zichru will be available on AllDaf, the new OU App featuring many of the most popular and innovative resources for Daf Yomi. Readers can pre-register for AllDaf by clicking here.