Today! Happening Now: Genazym’s Spectacular New Auction! Browse the Historic First Editions And Manuscripts!

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Own A Piece Of Your Heritage: Historic First Editions And Manuscripts At Genazym’s Spectacular New Auction

Judaica collectors worldwide will rejoice at the broad selection of historic first editions and rare manuscripts which will be on display at the Genazym auction taking place this Tuesday, Jan. 21st 12pm (EST) participate online at (pre-registration required). The two hundred exhibits include genuine manuscripts handwritten by such giants as Rabbi Chaim Vital and the Chatam Sofer, as well as signatures of other towering personalities like the Avnei Nezer, founder of the Sochatchov dynasty and the Tiferes Shlomo, founder of the Radomsk dynasty.

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There are also some fascinating letters in the collection, such as a letter from Rabbi Meir Arik regarding the permissibility of bringing a Sefer Torah to an American prison facility and an emotional appeal for help from the Jewish community of Chevron, who were left destitute in the year 1775 after the ruler extorted a huge ransom from them. Another letter is from the Chafetz Chayim to his student, a Swiss businessman, in which he blesses him that ‘he should have free time to study Torah.’

The special first editions include an original first edition Zohar from 1558. This is the same edition used by the Tzfat kabbalists about which they said that it would hasten the final redemption. In the same year the Tikkunei Zohar was also published for the first time. There is also a first edition Kreisi U’Pleisi published in the lifetime of the author, Rabbi Yonasan Eibeshitz. A Magnificent copy of the First Edition Pri Chadash.  Other unusual first editions include a Chefetz Hashem, the first book published by the Ohr Hachayim when he was 36 years old and a rare first edition commentary of Rabbi Ovadia Seforno on the Torah (1567) as well as A Rabbeinu Yerucham (1516). There is also an amazingly well preserved 500-year-old first edition Maseches Chulin from the Bomberg printing press.

Some of the illustrated Judaica works on offer are stunning calligraphic pieces of art. A book about Milah includes many beautiful unique caricature illustrations drawn on parchment and a Haggadah from Prague 1713 includes many beautiful decorations. Many other unique manuscripts and artefacts make this a wondrous opportunity to obtain a priceless memento from our rich Jewish heritage.

Bidding on the items has already begun online at .

For any assistance please call 845-501-9990 or Email: [email protected]

Live telephone bid requests are welcomed (pre-reservation required)

The auction will take place Tuesday, Jan. 21st 7 PM Jerusalem Time