Car Cleaning Crew Kicking off Pesach Cleaning with At-Your Home Service

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Although Purim was just a few days ago, believe it or not- Pesach is just around the corner! Homemakers everywhere are starting (or at least thinking about) the cleaning that comes along with the Chag. Of all the chores, the one that is most dreaded universally is cleaning the interior of the car. Everyone has those stains and dirt in the interior of the car that just seems impossible to get rid of. The life saver is back and better than ever for their 8th year: “Kwik N’ Klean” will take care of all your Pesach Car Cleaning needs at your very own house.Unfortunately due to the COVD-19, our lives are turning upside down and tipsy turvy in the matter of seconds. We are refraining from leaving our homes unnecessarily, especially places that have large amounts of people that we will be in contact with. Why wait at a car wash service when you can have someone come straight to your door? Let us all stay safe and sound while preparing for Pesach in a way that we can stay cool, calm, and collected and still do what we need to do! Bezras Hashem, we will be taken care of as we try and prepare for Pesach in such a way! FOR INQUIRIES – CHECK OUT OUR EASIER TO USE WEBSITE CAN MAKE APPOINTMENTS ALL BY YOURSELF IN JUST A FEW CLICKS! OR YOU CAN CALL US AT: 1-866-RU-KLEAN1-866-785-5326 OR EMAIL US AT I[email protected]
Their popularity has allowed them to grow to multiple crews servicing many different locations in the Tri-State area: Brooklyn, Williamsburg, Monsey, The Five Towns, Lakewood, Queens, West Hempstead, Great Neck, and more! They clean the entire interior of the car, focusing on hard-to-reach areas, those sticky cup-holders, ashtrays, and other nooks and crannies. Their famous “Chometz-Free Guarantee” will give you the peace of mind of striking this tedious chore off your to-do list. We come to your home or work at your convenience so you don’t have to wait on those long car wash lines! We will begin to clean vehicles on Sunday, March 29th until Tuesday, April 7th!