Before You Host Any Guests This Shabbos, Read This

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Are you hosting this week?

Imagine – your phone rings. It’s a friend, asking if you’re hosting this shabbos. There’s a family who needs your help. The father works long hours, the mother is sick, they have a few little kids, and they’re just not making it work. Shabbos is the hardest – while other families enjoy challah with dips, chicken and side dishes, and even cholent, this family has the bare minimum. Each kid is limited to one small piece of chicken. Are you able to have them for a meal?

Of course you would say yes – if you, like most of klal yisroel today, are blessed to have a delicious meal on shabbos. But what if the family wasn’t coming to your house? What if they were in Israel, and what if letting them stay anonymous would help them eat their delicious meal without embarrassment?

Right now, families all over Israel are struggling to make ends meet. They feel it the most each Friday, when they anxiously approach the grocery store cash register, hoping their modest shabbos groceries won’t exceed their bank account balance. These are not just your exceptional tragic stories, these are many ‘normal’ people like you and me, who appear to have it together, but who privately live in fear.

One Jerusalem-based organization’s goal is to raise 1,000,000 shekels, to provide 1,300 shabbos meals to families that are struggling. Each meal will be enough to serve 5 people – fish, chicken, salad: a proper shabbos. But they need your help –

Imagine the tremendous zechus, of tzedaka, of hosting, and of kavod shabbos – feeding three proper meals to families who can’t afford them otherwise. Lemons will prepare the food, and deliver it, so that the receivers can experience as little embarrassment as possible. What has become a time of stress and lack for frum families can become one of comfort and enjoyment. The long-lasting effects of bringing kavod shabbos into homes all over Eretz Yisroel are beyond imagination.

They’re ready to start feeding hungry families this week, but they need to know:

Are you hosting this week?