Basic Medical Supplies & Gear Emergency Fund Established by Local Baal Habatim

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A local group of New Yorkers took the initiative and ran with it.

Their goal? To make sure the organizations who are on the front lines have the proper medical gear and personal protective gear they need to go out and be there for the community. They named it Supplies4lives.

Gloves, masks, hand sanitizers, goggles, whatever medical gear is needed to safely go and get the job done, this group of selfless guys are pulling it together.

Our brothers from dozens of community organizations are out there on the front lines fighting.

An Emergency Fund was created to support the many organizations in their time of desperate need, so that they can focus on their selfless work.

100% of your donation will go directly to the purchase of Medical Supplies and PPE.

Listen to Yechiel Swissa speak about the cause:



This organization is under the guidance of Rav Uren Reich Shlita.