Kupas Yom Tov Update: Due to COVID-19, Many New Families Need Pre-Yom Tov Help from YOU Now

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Budget Expanded to $1,250,000

Thousands of families of yungeleit who would normally go away for Yom Tov have been told by rabbonim and doctors to stay home. They have no choice but to make Yom Tov themselves. However, many of them live on shoestring budgets as it is, barely making it from month to month. Where are they to get money to pay for Pesach?

For many, they truly have no one to turn to. Many don’t have relatives they can ask; others are already maxed out on credit cards.

There are young fathers and mothers in our communities sitting at home, very nervous. They’re quarantined at home, wondering: Where will come up with the funds for all these unexpected Yom Tov necessities?

Yet, they are not alone.

Kupas Yom Tov is an unbelievable organization that raises money every year for yungeleit to be able to celebrate Yom Tov.

But this year, because of the coronavirus reality, Kupas Yom Tov has been hit with many more requests from husbands and wives who need help so that they can purchase their Pesach necessities. Nothing extravagant. Nothing fancy. The very basics for them and their young children.

The couples may be your neighbor’s children, your friend’s children – or your own relative.

Please, we are begging everyone to go above and beyond their usual means at this time, because the situation is absolutely desperate. There’s no other way to say it.

Open up your heart and contribute so that every family can have what they need for Pesach this year.

What started out as a yearly Pesach campaign with a budget of close to $1 million, helping over 1,000 families, has grown into an operation helping over 1,200 families and an expanded budget of $1,250,000. Klal Yisroel has thus far responded with unbelievable mesirus nefesh, and Kupas Yom Tov is over the million dollar mark. Please, help them reach their goal. 

To contribute, CLICK HERE.

In the zechus of your chesed, may your family be blessed with good health and may you be spared from all tzaros and tribulations.