Mistreated in the hospital? VFC wants your voice to be heard!

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Every day, the shocking stories circulate: a yingerman fighting for his life on a respirator, a beloved grandmother sick and alone over Yom Tov, a neighborhood Rav ignored by his nurses and doctors in a cramped, overcrowded hospital.


In our local hospitals, the COVID-19 situation continues to worsen. The New York/New Jersey hospital system is not prepared for COVID-19 – and it’s our family and loved ones that are suffering the consequences!

But with your help, VFC (Voice for Corona) can fight to make a change. 


If you experienced mistreatment or neglect while in the hospital for COVID-19 –  your story can make a difference for our community! A dedicated group of askanim, medical authorities, and lawyers are gathering personal experiences from people like you.  We want to hear your stories, your experience, and your interactions with nurses, doctors, and hospital staff.


With your stories, we can approach lawmakers and administrators and demand a change – and fight for better outcomes for every patient.


Each story will remain highly confidential, and no names will be shared at any point.


Your evidence is invaluable as we fight for attentive treatment, more supplies, and better care in our hospitals. Together, our collected experiences will make an impact on hospital administrators and lawmakers and make a positive change for future patients


Share your story. Make your voice heard. And make a difference in our community!


Submit your experience today to [email protected]voiceforcorona.org, leave a voicemail at 347.443.8485 or visit us online at voiceforcorona.org to tell us your story. 



  1. To Whom This May Concern,
    When I first saw the ad for the VFC I was appalled with the implied agenda. It seems that some “askonim” are bored and are looking for the next thing to stir up the pot.
    The way I’m reading the ad is…
    Let’s complain about the care we’re receiving, from workers who are overworked and dealing with an impossible situation.
    Let’s complain about not getting the best care, when hospitals are working at 50% over capacity, with no extra staff.
    Let’s complain about not having the best care, when your doctors, nurses, EMTS, and all other medical professionals haven’t had a days rest in a month.

    Instead of complaining, maybe go to a frontline worker, look into their tired eyes, eyes that have seen more death and pain in the last month than probably their entire career, and with meaning say, “Thank You.” Thank them for leaving their families, thank them for exposing themselves to COVID-19 so you don’t have to, thank them for putting their lives AND THEIR FAMILIES LIVES on the line so YOU can stay safe.

    I might be wrong about this ad. It might be that they want to work for the future, and in the event of another pandemic to be prepared. But from the wording of the ad it doesn’t seem like that’s the case, and if it is it should be clarified.

    It’s time to stop complaining and start thanking.
    Thank you to all the frontline workers for saving lives, while jeopardizing their own.