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Emergency Fund Set Up for the Beiles Family. 4 Yesomim!

An unspeakable tragedy has befallen us! A shocked community grieves and four young children are left without a father while their mother battles Corona Virus. The unspeakable tragedy which began when Yerachmiel “Rick” Beiles passed away this past Shabbos morning continues as his wife is battling both Covid-19 and cancer. Every penny they made was spent on the children’s education and the widow’s battle with cancer.

We are raising funds to help the family in their desperate time of need.

Yerachmiel “Rick” Bailes was a dedicated member of the Chicago Jewish community and Congregation Khal Chasidim. With a warm smile and friendly cheer he warmed the hearts of all who saw him every day. His widow Elisheva “Lisa” is left fighting Corona Virus with an immune system depleted by her battle with cancer.

The family is struggling with significant expenses and debts. Please give generously to help the family during this incredibly difficult period to support the widow and four beautiful young children.

Please daven for the refuah shaleima of Elisheva Anat bas Sarah and all cholei yisroel.

The fund is being overseen by Rabbi Efraim Aaron Twerski.


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