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Yesterday She Was Fine. A Half An Hour Later, She Was Gone.

Rebbetzin Baila Porush was in the hospital yesterday fighting COVID-19, and seemed to be on her way to recovery. Her husband and 6 children were eager to have her home, and she was in relatively light condition. She was not on a respirator.

Just a half an hour later, she was gone.

How did this happen? It seems that some otherwise improving patients experience rapid deterioration, which blindsides doctors and leaves family members mourning in complete shock. This was the case with Rebbetzin Porush, who tragically passed away yesterday at the age of 52.

The Porush family has experienced loss before: They lost a child last year. Now Rabbi Porush is COVID-positive as well, and one of their children is in the hospital fighting the virus in critical condition. Moving video footage of the levaya shows Rabbi Porush giving his hesped from the inside of an ambulance. It is truly difficult to watch.

Though she has been lost, a inspiring glimpse into Rebbetzin Porush’s life: Though the Rebbetzin experienced many very difficult changes in her lifetime, she lived a rich spiritual life. In her family’s words, she ‘accepted her yissurim with love.’ She was known to visit the various prayer sites around Israel regularly.

Those who are close to the family hope and pray that they will be able to channel the Rebbetzin’s tremendous strength to make it through this loss. In the meantime, Rabbi Porush, a talmid chacham in his fifties currently suffering from the coronavirus, is left to take care of his children alone. Funds are being raised to help them survive.


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