Is Online Video Poker Older Than Slot Machine?

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When you think about poker blog, then you might say Texas Holdem or other card games related to poker. However, when you say about online video poker, some of you might be confused to know what type of this game has to offer. This game might be known as the blend of slot machine and poker but you will not play this game by luck but with your own skill. Perhaps, most of beginners will think this is the new innovation in gambling but actually, it has a long history behind it.

The Development of Online Video Poker in The World

Online video poker might be the new innovation in online betting world but when it comes to video poker itself, this belongs to the classic game using 5-card draw as the main game inside the poker game. This is the modern manifestation of the classic poker game right when it appeared in the casino site. Perhaps, some of you are so surprised to know that actually, video poker is much older than slot machine itself. Back in 1891 in Brooklyn, New York, Pitt and Sittman created the machine which had the card symbols displayed on 5 drums.

By pulling its lever, it would produce the poker hand which might be utilized to determine the prize. The machine would have been the origin of modern slot game today. In 70s, video poker appeared and hit the scene. Dale Electronics’ Poker-Matic began it in 1970. Though the players might be so suspicious about the machine since people were not familiar with the electronic mechanism, they became popular as they were more accustomed to them. It needed about a decade to make the huge debut.

In 1980s, the machines of video poker can be found everywhere with the wild card and also many ranges of the machine from Deuces Wild and Joker Poker to attract the new players. Those machines provide them the chance to get advantage as well as the excitement of the poker game without battling directly with other opponents. They gave the success for all players who could win the game with the great source of the profit. In 1994, Microgaming started to give another addition to the video poker for diverse range of other casino games.

The huge success of video poker was translated so well to the online world which should come as no surprise at all as there will be little difference between the live and also online manifestations of this game. The machines of video poker represent the different varieties from the original version of poker game and this machine has progressive jackpot that you can reach well to thousands of dollars easily. Nowadays, many people love video poker because this machine offers many benefits at the same time.

Online video poker offers the best payout since players can see and check out the paytables so they can choose their own machine and also type of video poker they want to play. Beside that, people choose this game even over the poker itself because they know that this game offers the lower house edge. You can get the huge payout without playing against other players so you don’t need to arrange the ultimate strategy to bust them out and be the last man standing.