Looking to Earn a Full-Time Salary From a Part-Time job?

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Imagine taking on a part-time job that pays $70 an hour at the entry level. It allows you to earn a decent paycheck and only requires 8 hours of work a week. You could continue in Kollel for another few years, get through that professional course you wanted to enroll in, or pursue your dream of building a small company from scratch.

Sounds too good to be true? Well, to those in the know, this opportunity is one of the frum world’s best-kept secrets. I am referring to a teaching position in a yeshiva’s General Studies department. Before you shake your head in disbelief, let’s crunch the numbers together. In neighborhoods where competent teachers are hard to come by, starting salary for a rookie teacher is about $20,000 annual pay. (They can also expect annual raises as well.) Typically, this only requires about 8 hours a week in the school. Between vacations and Yomim Tovim, there are about 35 weeks of General Studies a year. At 8 hours a week, that comes out to only 280 hours throughout the entire year. Divide this into the annual salary of $20,000, and you arrive at the fantastic rate of $71 per hour! That’s more than what PA’s and CPA’s earn after years of experience!

So why is it so hard for yeshivos to find good teachers? According to Rabbi Frankel, founder and CEO of Achievements Educational Services, it is due to common misconceptions and even misinformation. Here are some fears that potential candidates express, and how Rabbi Frankel responds:

I could never control a large class full of energetic and uninterested kids! I can barely control my own son during Avos Ubanim!

Response: Many rookie teachers have surprised themselves with their ability to control a class. While this may be challenging at times, with the right techniques and a bit of experience this can and will be overcome by most teachers. Achievements even offers a teacher training course whose entire focus is classroom management, which has empowered many new teachers and helped them break through the toughest of classes through a mixture of compassion, incentives, and a no-nonsense attitude.

I’m embarrassed to admit, I don’t even know half the material myself. How could I give it over to the class?

Response: Many new teachers have expressed this worry but have pulled through with flying colors! After only a short while, you will realize that you have nothing to worry about. While some lessons may require some preparation on your part, most schools provide ample source material to keep a teacher’s preparations to a minimum. The material is not hard to pick up, and you may even find yourself enjoying the sixth-grade math lessons.

I wish to become a rebbi one day, and I am worried about the stigma associated with going out to work instead of staying in Kollel all day.

Response: This is a very common mistake caused by misinformation. The truth is the exact opposite! A Kollel student who spends two hours every afternoon teaching in a yeshiva will gain valuable experience in classroom management and teaching skills. Yeshivos will be more inclined to hire them because of their experience as well as the principal’s recommendations. Many rebbeim started their careers with a teaching job, and they have successfully transitioned from those jobs to their current positions.

Rabbi Frankel has embarked on a recruiting effort in order to help local mosdos who struggle to fill their vacant positions from the limited pool of available candidates. He networks with roshei Kollelim and roshei yeshivos to help spread awareness to young men in Jewish cities that dot the fruited plain, and he advertises in many Jewish publications.

This effort is part of his teacher placement service that has helped schools in many cities fill over 90 positions in just over 2 years. It is truly a win-win situation: The teacher effortlessly finds a great position at no cost. The school pays a nominal fee that more than pays itself back with the money saved on advertising the position week after week. And because all candidates are vetted before being referred to the school, principals can save hours upon hours that are normally spent interviewing candidates that are not competent or are incompatible with the school. Grateful principals relate how they were spared all the stress and anxiety normally associated with this unwanted chore by availing themselves with this wonderful service.

To young men who are energetic and charismatic, the message is clear: giving teaching a shot is a NO-BRAINER. It is a relatively minor investment of time each day that pays significant dividends. And even a short stint in the world of education can be very satisfying and rewarding. So why not just take the leap? Join Achievements’ Teacher Placement database, and find out how quick and effortless finding a position can be with the right guidance.

For more information, or to sign up, contact:

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