My Children, Do Not Fear!

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On the 11 of Av, 5750 (1990), the Iraqi dictator invaded its neighboring oil-rich country of Kuwait. As the tension rose, Eretz Yisrael became a target and a worldwide military coalition mobilized for action.

That Shabbas Mevorchim Elul, 27 Av, at the outbreak of the Persian Gulf War, the Lubavitcher Rebbe quoted a startling Midrash.

The Yalkut Shimoni (Yeshaya, Remez 499), describes the events heralding the unique era of the Geulah of Klal Yisroel:

“…all the gentile nations will challenge one another; the King of Paras will provoke an Arab nation. The Arab nation will go to ‘Aram’ (the Midrash Pesikta’s version is ‘Edom’) to seek advice…”,

The Midrash then describes the great anxiety that will transpire,

“All of the nations of the world will tremble and panic, falling on their faces, suffering contractions like the pains of labor. The Jewish nation will also be distressed and panic and will ask ‘where shall we come where shall we go? Where shall we come where shall we go?!’

[Gd] says to His people:

My children do not fear!

All that I have done, I have done solely for your sake.

Why are you afraid? Have no fear:

The Time of Your Redemption Has Arrived!

This final redemption will be unlike the first redemption. The first redemption was followed by aggravation and subjugation to other nations. But the final redemption, will not be followed by aggravation and subjugation to other powers.”

The Rebbe stated unequivocally, against all odds, that the Jewish nation shall not fear and that all of the ensuing events are being orchestrated by the Ribono Shel Olam solely for our sake; nothing less than setting the global backdrop for the eternal Geulah of Klal Yisroel that is unfolding in front of our very eyes.

From that Shabbos onwards, over the course of the next year and a half, the Rebbe continuously reiterated and assured Klal Yisroel of Hashem’s promise and instructed to strengthen our Bitachon as is stated in the Pasuk (Tehilim 32,10),”וְהַבּוֹטֵחַ בה’ חֶסֶד יְסוֹבְבֶנוּ” , “And the one who trusts in Hashem will be encompassed with kindness”. Emphasizing, that this unique protection, especially applies to our brethren residing in our Holy Land, as the Pasuk assures us, “The eyes of Hashem our upon it [the Land of Israel] from the beginning of the year until the conclusion of the year” (Eikev 11, 12).

Events of global proportion, such as the peaceful collapse of Communist dictatorship of over 70 years, the mass exodus of Soviet Jewry, the miracles and wonders of the Gulf war, and the major steps of world-powers towards disarmament, are all demonstrating this subtle underlying shift of world climate.

“All that I have done, have I done soley for your sake.”


Let’s prepare with additional Limud HaTorah and Kiyum HaMitzvos B’Hidur

The Rambam Paskens (Hilchos Teshuvah – Perek 4) that even one Mitzvah has the ability to tip the scale and elicit Teshua and Hatzalah for the entire world.

Ideally, it is suggested that the Hosafah should encompass all 3 pillars that support the world (Avos perek 1)

  • Torah: Both the revealed and esoteric portions of Torah.

Especially topics concerning the Geulah, Moshiach, and the Beis HaMikdosh.

Particularly in Halachah, beginning with Rambam:

Hilchos Beis HaBechirah (all of the details of the structure of the Beis HaMikdosh),

Dinim of Korbanos, Terumos, Maasros, Shmitah v’Yovel – Sefer Zraim Avodah and Korbanos etc.

The Dinim concerning Moshiach in the last two chapters of Sefer Mishna Torah.

  • Tzedakah: An increase in daily Tzedokah and Ahavas Yisroel-Ahavas Chinam;

“Great is Tzedakah that hastens the Geulah”. (Bava Basra 10.)

“Bayis Sheini was destroyed due to Sinas Chinum” (Yoma 9:)

  • Avodah – Tefilah: A profound Tzipiya, anticipation, and yearning for Moshiach, as the Rambam Paskens “Achakeh lo Bchol
    Yom ShYavo”.

Chida מדבר קדמות מערכת ק’ טז))

Why is the Nusach in Shmoneh Esreh “…Ki Lishuasicha Kivinu Kol Hayom”, “May Dovid your servant flourish and may his status and strength be exalted by your salvation, because we yearn for your salvation all day” – what is the meaning of ‘Because’, implying a cause?


Our yearning for Moshiach itself, is sufficient to merit the Geulah.

May this year be a wonderous year, *תְּהֵא שְנַת פְּלָאוֹת אַרְאֶנּוּ, that Hashem Himself will show us the wonders of the Geulah as the
Navi Micha states (Perek 7, 15), “As was in the days of your exodus from Egypt [so too in the future Geulah] I will show you wonders”!!

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(*On Shabbos VaYigash 5751 (Sefer HaSichos 5751 P. 214), the Rebbe mentioned the acronym for פ”א and stated that פ”א backwards, spells the word אף. פ”א will transform the “negative אף” to “ אף of Kedushah”. The Baal HaTanya explains concerning the pasuk, “כֹּל הַנִקְרָא בִשְׁמִי וְלִכְבוֹדִי בְּרָאתִיו יְצַרְתִּיו אַף עַשִֹיתִיו”, that through fulfilling Mitzvos in this mundane, physical world (עַשִֹיָ’ה), we draw down the lofty level referred to as כֶּתֶר עֶלְיוֹן which will be manifest at the time of the Geulah.