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One hand or two – and what’s the significance of each?

Whatever your Minhag, the age-old ritual of fathers blessing their children is one of the most meaningful moments of our week. And Rabbi Paysach Krohn elevates it further with deep insights into each aspect of this beautiful practice:
How Menashe and Efraim’s tenacity in Galus strengthens our resolve as well. The story of the daughter who got the longest Bracha – and the secret it revealed. What Moshe added to the command of Hashem – and the results. Watch and join the journey!
Do you want to elevate your Shabbos with joy and meaning? Shabbos should be more than a day of relaxation – It should be a day of deep joy and meaning. 
Tens of thousands of viewers have discovered a new appreciation for Shabbos, explored new topics, and gained more knowledge about different aspects of Shabbos and Shabbos davening. 
Do you want that, too?
This video by Rabbi Paysach Krohn is part of our incredible ongoing B’Dibur Echad weekly video series, featuring many renowned Rabbanim and speakers. 
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