So, You’re Learning Daf Yomi Eruvin?

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The Contemporary Eruv contains a comprehensive and lucid review of the laws of constructing and using an eruv, especially applicable to today’s neighborhoods.  It contains extensive, in-depth footnotes and source material; diagrams & illustrations; and an easy reference table to pertinent sugyos in Maseches Shabbos and Eruvin.  Compiled from many Talmudic and Rabbinic sources and presented in a clear, annotated and illustrated format, this important work will benefit every Jew

Don’t go through Eruvin without this indispensable guide!  

Since the first edition of this sefer came out as a kuntres in 1993 called “Eruvin in Modern Metropolitan Areas,” each new, expanded edition has sold out completely.  Why has it been so popular?  

It provides a clear and conceptual understanding of the myriad technicalities introduced in learning Eruvin. The sefer systematically explains the logic behind each term and halachic category from the sugyos. 

It brings you from the mesechta into halacha lema’aseh.  The sefer comprehensively addresses how the Gemara and the shittos haRishonim apply in the real world, today.  

It educates the reader about the reasoning and sources behind different approaches of today’s poskim, identifying and explaining the most common issues of disagreement.

It focuses on many common problems and technical weaknesses that can affect the kashrus of an eruv, with guidance on how to prevent them and check for them. 

The haskamos from R’ Shlomo Miller shlit”a and R’ Yaakov Weinberg zt”l.  

R’ Weinberg zt”l wrote, “The Halachos were presented with clarity and depth.  The reasoning was strong and consistent; the conclusions justified and reliable as a whole.”  

R’ Miller shlit”a praised the work for its “tuv ta’am voda’as” and its emphasis on clearly presenting the potential issues and pitfalls involved in building and maintaining eruvin, so as to enhance the kashrus of eruvin and strengthen shmiras Shabbos.

The additional material in this edition includes many more practical issues and scenarios and a new section on dealing with the secular authorities.

What do readers have to say?

(From “This is a great sefer on hilchos eruvin; with the addition of the shiurim made by Pirchei Shoshanim, I have gained an exhaustive knowledge of hilchos eruvin and especially have benefitted from Rabbi Bechhofer’s brilliant methodology in presenting the sugya. Highly recommended.”

(From Amazon)  “This book is an excellent mix of both practical halacha and the sources and development of that halacha.”

(From Amazon) “This is, without a doubt, the best single halakhic book written about eruvin in English. Rabbi Bechofer [sic] goes through all of the halachot relevant to a modern eruv in a modern area. He walks the reader through the sources and development of the laws, and the book includes a lot of pictures and diagrams. If you want to understand the rather complex issues surrounding eruvin, this is the book for you.”

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