Video: Save the Life of the Rebbetzins Niece Before Its Too Late!! Reb Chaim Promised His Daughter Rebbetzin Leah

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She was Moser Nefesh for Torah and her father,and her life today is in real danger.

One of the Rebbetzin Leah Kolodetzkys’ Nieces, A single 24 Year old Bais Yaakov Teacher assumed responsibility for the finances of her fathers yeshiva after he collapsed.

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Naively she borrowed monies for the yeshiva from Frum looking people who were fronting for secular Israeli loan sharks who had only sinister intentions and are infamous for their cruelty.

She never stood a chance.

Today this young girl is being destroyed financially, legally, and emotionally.Her physical safety is threatened.

She can only dream of ever standing under the chuppa given her situation.

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Rebbetzin Kolodetzky will personally bring YOURS AND YOUR FAMILIES names’ to her father Reb Chaim Kanievsky Shlita, Yom Kippur and Hoshana Raba. for a Ksiva Vachasima Tova !