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Custom All-Star Messages Available for Every Occasion at

Marking milestone moments, delivering personalized video messages or just saying hello is more exciting than ever with the debut of, an all-new website featuring a roster of top Jewish talent ready to do the talking for you.

Dozens of singers, influencers, thought leaders, comedians and children’s entertainers are available to record personalized videos or Zoom hangouts at, which launched last month.  Founder Meir Kay describes SayMazelTov as an ideal medium to entertain, motivate and spread happiness throughout the world, and with a percentage of every communication donated to a different tzedaka each month, the website is far more than a mere social vehicle.  

“This is an opportunity for people to hear directly from public figures who bring them joy and inspire them while supporting worthwhile causes,” explained Kay. “The possibilities are endless – it is perfect for birthday wishes, bar or bat mitzvah messages, anniversary greetings, to share a word of inspiration or even for parents to remind their kids to do their homework or wear a mask.”

Visitors to SayMazelTov’s site can leave a detailed request, sharing relevant information to customize their video or Zoom call including the recipient’s age, occasion and personal preferences.  The site’s list of creators is expansive, spanning all segments of the Jewish community and ages from all across the globe, ranging from deep thinkers like Rabbi Simon Jacobson to former pro basketball player Tamir Goodman.  Also available to offer greetings are many others including comedian Elon Gold, cooking queen Jamie Geller, Chasidic rapper Nissim Black, marathon runner and Olympic hopeful Beatie Deutsch, former HQ host Scott Rogowsky and Mitzvah Boulevard’s lovable Shuey, with new personalities added daily.  Creators set their own prices, with many sporting a badge on their page indicating that the highlighted organization will receive a charitable gift larger than the site’s five percent minimum.

SayMazelTov’s versatility is unique, says Kay who sees videos as the ideal platform to deliver a song, a bracha, or even a unique wedding proposal, while also showing support to its creators, many of whose livelihoods have been dramatically impacted by COVID.  Zoom calls, which are booked subject to availability, offer an opportunity to ask celebrities about their work, get precise answers to those burning questions in a one and one format and grab a few minutes of conversation that can inspire, uplift and, of course, spark joy.

Instagram sensation Charlene Aminoff is one of SayMazelTov’s many creators and having seen firsthand the happiness that personalized celebrity messages can bring, she wasted no time in jumping on board.

“This is an amazing way for Jewish people to connect with personalities they look up to, or who influence their lives in some way,” said Aminoff, who is donating all proceeds received through the site to the featured cause.  “I am so happy to be able to share a kind word through SayMazelTov, while also being able to give tzedaka.”

“This project has been long overdue,” added singer Simcha Leiner.  “It’s a pleasure to be a part of a well created service that will not only provide joy and happiness to people around the world, but will also bring joy to the organizations on the receiving end.”

After featuring Chai Lifeline as its charitable recipient during its soft launch, SayMazelTov’s proceeds are currently benefitting Yachad, which enhances the lives of those with developmental disabilities and other challenges.

“This year in particular has been exceptionally difficult for everyone and being part of this platform will help us do what we do year-round,” said Yachad’s international director Avrohom Adler.  “SayMazelTov is an idea that is truly special – spreading simcha while giving tzedaka really is a win-win.”

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