Rav Chaim Kanievsky alters busy schedule to see Machon Yerushalayim Chumash!

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The daily routine of Sar HaTorah, HaRav Chaim Kanievsky, shlita, is well-known. His time is dedicated almost entirely to Torah study, which fills most of the day, with some additional time allotted to answering questions and giving brachas to those in need of yeshuos.

It is understandable, then, that any change in Maran Sar HaTora’s daily routine is of special significance, and any exception warrants special attention.

This explains the excitement of the directors and distinguished editorial staff of Machon Yerushalayim when they arrived at the home of the Prince of Torah bringing a special gift, a newly published set of Otzar Meforshei HaTorah” along with several other seforim, also newly published.  Maran HaGaon HaRav Chaim shlita accepted the impressive, luxurious set which is replete with carefully compiled and clearly explained Torah commentaries on the entire Chumash Breishis.

The expression on Maran shlita’s face was one of great satisfaction and pleasure as he perused the pages of the sefer, going through the remarkable work he was holding in his hands.

Household members commented that whenever the heads of Machon Yerushalayim bring new publications to Maran shlita, he departs from his daily routine and makes time to study the seforim during the days that follow.

The volumes of Otzar Meforshei HaTorah, the Avrohom Schonberger Edition, have found their place on the royal table, the royal table of Torah scholars. These volumes are available to anyone desiring to study Torah, whether talmidei chachamim or baalei batim, to all who seek to enjoy the aura of Torah and its seventy facets. The ‘Otzar’ is now available as one compendium that is both comprehensive and clear.

With a source index containing the over 900 entries of commentaries and seforim expounding on the Torah that appear throughout the “Otzar“, serving as the basis for the explanations, commentaries, annotations and elucidations on the entire Torah and on almost every word in every parsha, it is no wonder that the sefer has made such a profound impression.  To date, four volumes of the series have appeared, two on Bereishis and two on Shemos. The volumes on Bamidbar are now in the final editing stages and B’Ezras Hashem will be appearing within the next few months.  In addition to these volumes, the amazing sefer, Otzar Mefarshei HaMegilla appeared this past year on Megillas Esther, in a format identical to that of Otzar Meforshei HaTorah‘, enhancing the meaning of Chazal‘s explanations for “The Jews had light”—light is Torah, and the completion of the Megilla volume has brought light and happiness to the hearts of learners. A comprehensive introduction has been added with explanations regarding the writing of the Megilla, the Megilla itself, the Persian Kingdom, etc. At the end of the volume there is an impressive, comprehensive treasury on the Brachos of the Megilla and on the Piyutim that are said after the reading of the Megilla.

This spectacular, exclusive set is available at an unprecedented price now only, during the Annual Sales Event, at select book stores. Choice sets on various Torah topics are also available, as are the seforim that will adorn and add dignity to any Jewish bookcase.

All recently published seforim are available for purchase during Machon Yerushalayim’s Annual Sales Event,  as are seforim of the Rishonim and the Acharonim, such as ‘Sefer HaTruma’, appearing according to manuscripts with a multitude of sources and notes, ‘Sefer HaOra’ with responsa from the Beis Medrash of Rashi, ‘Perush HaRamban al HaTorah’, now appearing as a revised three-volume edition including the great expounders and commentators of the Ramban, the ‘Beit David’ about the Or HaChaim, by the well-known gaon from Saloniki, a new volume of the monumental series of the ‘Shoel U’Meishiv’, the third and last volume of the tshuvos of the ‘Toras Chessed’ by the great gaon of Lublin now including detailed indexes for all the volumes of the series and a comprehensive introduction that provides an extensive overview of the life of the author, and many, many more titles.  

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