This Thursday: The Entire Shas Will Be Completed!

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An incredible moment of achdus, kiddush Hashem and Torah learning will take place on Thursday, January 28th and you can participate!

We all know singles who are looking for their bashert and here is a real way to help! Shas for Shidduchim combines the power of Torah learning and achdus to generate z’chusim for our singles! 

How does it work?

Sponsor a daf in honor of someone who needs a shidduch.

Lomdim work together on Tu B’Shvat, January 28th, to complete shas in 24 hours.

The support of Torah learning in and of itself creates a z’chus for the sponsor, the single and the lomed. Since its inception, the Shas For Shidduchim national initiative has directly impacted hundreds of Shidduchim.

All proceeds go towards providing:

Shidduchim events and coaching for singles in the parsha

New kallahs with housewares

Gowns for the kallahs and their family

FOR A LIMITED TIME: Use promo code 2021 to submit an additional name for a z’chus!

Help Chicago Chesed Fund support our singles. Sponsor a daf in z’chus of a single.


P.S. You can submit up to 5 names for each sponsorship!
*Names have been changed to maintain privacy.