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Today is Triple Tuesday! 3x your tickets in Hatzolah’s auction TODAY!

Yes, you read that right. Enter Hatzolah’s auction today and you get triple the tickets and triple the chances to win. Now, if 2x your tickets is better than one then what’s 3x like? It’s a WIN WIN WIN  deal. So if you cashed in on Winning Wednesday, then you’re definitely going to want to cash in on this one! And if you missed Winning Wednesday then what’s the question?

Triple Tuesday; the day you get three times what you give. In every sense of the word. Because every time you enter to help Hatzolah, you’re not only helping yourself WIN amazing prizes, but you’re also helping yourself WIN some amazing zechusim of saving lives. What a WIN WIN!! 


Go to Hatzolah.Auction (you don’t even have to enter the .com) right now and select your prize package, and enter the exclusive code TRIPLETUESDAY.

It’s that simple.


This year, everyone is a guaranteed winner. Yes, everyone’s a winner when you enter the Hatzolah WIN WIN Auction because everyone wins when you help Hatzolah. And, remember, the more you give the more you win. If you enter for the $180 BIG WIN! package, or one of our amazing specials for $360 or $500 your FREE ticket list is so long that by the time I’ll be able to write it all here, you’ll already be on Hatzolah.Auction selecting your prizes and WINNING!

With Triple Tuesday there is no time to waste. Click here to be a winner now or call 732-458-7999 (24/6) NOW!


Triple your tickets. Triple your chances. Less than 24 hours left. 

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