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With less than 12 hours left to the bonei olam “sound of silence campaign” 20 couples are yet to be funded

We have come so far in the past week. Let’s ensure that all the couples counting on this campaign will receive the funding they so desperately need!
About the campaign:

What does infertility sound like?


It is the sound of silence.

A deafening silence.

A painful silence.


A silence filled with loneliness and torment, with dashed expectations and disappearing hope.

In Lakewood, there are over 75 couples experiencing that very silence. Anm agonizing silence. An excruciating silence in many cases as they await funds from Bonei Olam for fertility treatments.


Let’s do something to break that silence.


We can together  turn the silence into sounds of joy, sounds of happiness – sounds of life.


Together, we can ensure that those who need Bonei Olam’s help can receive it, filling their lives with joy, laughter…and the dream of a child.

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