Groundbreaking Program Offers Free Tuition For Next Three Days Only – Transform Your Pesach – Free eBook

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A once-off opportunity is being offered to deep-dive into the gemaras, halachos and fundamentals of the Pesach Seder and the Hagada, and to come to Pesach this year with a rich understanding of the Seder and the Chag. This is not just for Daf Yomi learners, but is an opportunity for any English speaker to discover and explore a free-standing section of Torah on the highest level, with all the resources and support necessary to make it a rich and meaningful experience. 

Since the beginning of the current cycle of Daf Yomi, The Daf Academy has pioneered an entirely new style of Gemara shiur. The brainchild of South African maggid shiur Rabbi Ari Taback, The Daf Academy is an online “Beis Medrash” where learners can find polished, clear presentations of Gemara, accompanied by PDF’s, diagrams and summaries that bring the text of the Gemara to life and make the complexities of learning Gemara vastly more approachable for the average man on the street. The shiurim are not only focused on Daf Yomi; a slower Daf-a-week program allows learners to experience a more deliberate and “iyun” type learning, helping working men to develop skills in Yeshiva-style Gemara learning.

The Daf Academy uses cutting edge technology to present the Torah in the most beautiful way possible, but at the heart of The Daf Academy’s vision is the faithful transmission of pristine Torah at the highest level, in the spirit and style of the Yeshiva world. In the words of the chief rabbi of South Africa, Rabbi Warren Goldstein…[this] is an innovation in teaching Torah, in learning Torah, and doing it in a way which is lekavod uletiferes, and a way which shows the greatness of Torah as Chochmas Hashem… with amkus…with depth and understanding”.


The final chapter of Gemara Pesachim, known as Arvei Pesachim, is the single chapter focused on the Pesach Seder. By an uncanny “coincidence”, the international Daf Yomi program has reached this chapter just four weeks before Pesach, and will complete it on the 9th of Nissan. For the next three weeks, The Daf Academy will offer a daily one-hour shiur covering a single Daf of Gemara. The shiur will also refer to the Mishna Berura to see the practical halachic aspects which arise from the Gemara to do with the Seder, and will also provide insights into the Hagada.

A free e-Book has been produced which contains the entire chapter of gemara, painstakingly marked-up with The Daf Academy’s signature colour-coding system to make following the give-and-take of the Gemara much easier, especially at the pace of a Daf a Day. The e-Book also contains the text of the Mishna Berura on the laws of the Seder and has a convenient Hagada at the back with place to take notes to bring to the Seder. 

Thanks to a generous donor, the three week course is being made available for a limited time at no charge instead of the regular $39 tuition. To enroll in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity visit: and enter the coupon code ‘pesachim21’ on checkout to receive the free offer. This offer is only valid until Wednesday 3 March.