Latest Mayoral Polls Following The Debate Shows Andrew Yang Running Neck-To-Neck Race With Eric Adams

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Coming off the cusp of The Campaign Finance Board (CFB) second Democratic New York City Mayoral primary debate, the latest polls show Andrew Yang running neck-to-neck with Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, going into the homestretch of the campaign.

Two of the latest polls gauging the Democratic Mayoral race, recently released by Univision and Slingshot Strategies show a potential may be a photo-finish to the end, even with the implementation of Ranked Choice Voting (RCV).

Univision’s latest poll has 24 percent among Hispanic voters in New York City, and holds a nine point lead over Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia, while Slingshot Strategies’ latest poll shows a tight 1-point race going into the June 22nd elections.

According to Univision’s latest poll, Andrew Yang is polling at 24 percent among Hispanic voters in New York City, and holding a nine point lead over Eric Adams and Kathryn Garcia, both sitting at 15 percent.

Univision’s results included:

Andrew Yang – 24%

Kathryn Garcia – 15%

Eric Adams – 15%

Dianne Morales – 7%

Shaun Donovan – 4%

Maya Wiley – 2%

Ray McGuire – 2%

Scott Stringer – 2%

Undecided – 29%

With 29% of voters undecided, the Latino vote will come heavily into play, as the candidates scrounge every vote possible.

With RCV in play, Univision also gauged second places votes, with the results showing:

Andrew Yang – 20%

Eric Adams – 17%

Dianne Morales – 12%

Scott Stringer – 9%

Maya Wiley – 8%

Kathryn Garcia – 8

Ray McGuire – 8%

Shaun Donovan – 7%

Slingshot Strategies’ poll also show a tight race, with results showing:

Eric Adams – 19.7%

Andrew Yang – 18.5%

Kathryn Garcia – 15.0%

Scott Stringer – 8.2%

Maya Wiely – 6.7%

Dianne Morales – 5.4%

Shaun Donovan – 4.0%

Ray McGuire – 2.8%

“The only poll that matters is the one on June 22nd,” said Andrew Yang. “The numbers show not only how extremely important every single vote counts but that our forward-looking vision of reopening our small businesses, getting New Yorkers back to work, and restoring economic security for all communities resonates with New Yorkers seeking change. Our diverse coalition is proving that our message is in-tune with communities across New York City.”