Tonight, It’s Yours! Own A Luxury Duplex In Israel Or $180,000 Cash!


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TONIGHT!!!! It’s Yours!!

Own a Luxury Duplex in Israel

OR $180,000 CASH!



Bayit Cham’s name represents its essence: It is a warm home with an open door. The organization’s goal is to help people who struggle with a variety of emotional health challenges. This special home is like a balm to so many lost souls who need an attentive ear and a loving and supportive shoulder to lean on.

Rabbi Shmuel Munk established Bayit Cham after witnessing the terrible anguish of people with mental health issues. He firmly believed that it was possible, and indeed, his duty, to revolutionize the field of mental health care and to improve these people’s lives. He worked hard to shatter the myth that emotional distress must be borne in silence and shame, even at the price of a complete breakdown.

Since its inception, Bayit Cham has become a powerful beacon of light, giving voice to those whose voices were previously concealed despite a yearning to be heard. Slowly and consistently, with much help from Above, the light has penetrated the darkness. Thousands of clients and their families have experienced their personal exoduses, emerging from the gloom to a life of light and hope. People suffering from mental health issues have finally been able to let go of crippling shame, as the staff at Bayit Cham zones in on the innate Spark of G-dliness within them, and takes responsibility for their wellbeing.