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Gila Eisenbach was used to hearing complaints.


As a mother of four spunky girls, she was all too familiar with the woes that trouble most teenagers these days: Having absolutely nothing to wear, friend drama, teachers giving unfair assignments, etc. But when her usually bubbly eighteen-year-old Chani came home from school with a pale face and complaining about severe pain in her lower abdomen, Gila immediately felt concerned. It was unlike her Chani to be acting so distressed.


Like any good mother, Gila sought medical attention, yet was frustrated to come home empty-handed. The doctors could not find the source of the problem. Several months later when the pain still persisted, Gila decided to give it a second chance.


And that is what saved her daughter’s life.


“To our horror, they discovered that Chani had bone cancer in its later stages,” she explains.


Unfortunately, Chani has not been responding to chemotherapy. The cancer has spread to her lungs, and she is currently fighting for her life. Then, just days ago, the doctors gave Eisenbach family news which might change everything.


“The doctors are urging us to fly Chani to Budapest ASAP where a famous oncologist named Dr. Krief is the only doctor in the world that can help her,” Chani explains.


“But the treatment and flights cost more than $100,000 and we simply don’t have that kind of money. We are a simple Israeli family who scrapes by as it is.”


With what the doctors describe as days left, the Eisenbach family has opened a chesed fund page where they are desperately hoping that readers will do what they can to help save young Chani’s life, spread the word via social media channels, and most importantly, pray. 


“I am never one to ask for help, but right now, we are talking about my daughter’s life,” wrote Gila in a vulnerable message.


“It feels like yesterday that Chani was a spunky girl, talking with her friends about which seminary she should go to– Now, she is crying almost all day from the pain, and because she knows what could happen to her chas v’shalom. Please, help us save her before it’s too late. She is only eighteen.”


During these 10 days of teshuva, what can be a greater zechus than helping a family save their eighteen year old girl’s life? Click here to perform the incredible mitzvah of saving someone’s life, and Hashem should repay you and your family with beautiful blessings this year.