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“Where is Abba?”

For as long as she can remember, her Abba has been sick. 

Help Devorah’s Family

Sometimes he seemed almost like other Abbas, sometimes he could hardly get out of bed.  And sometimes, she had to travel by bus with her Ima and her brothers far away to the hospital, to see Abba.  But wherever he was, he always had a warm word, a loving hug and special smile saved for Devorah. 

Now, even though she keeps calling him, Abba isn’t coming.  Ima says he’s too far away to visit anymore….

Help Devorah And Her Family Manage On Their Own

Now that Abba is gone, things are even harder at home.  The family is left with debts from the time Abba was sick.  And Ima is left to be both mother and her father to her 5 children – all by herself.



Unfortunately, all we can offer this family now is the financial means to make things a bit easier, to help them get out of debt and provide for the needs of the orphaned children.

Yet in hundreds of other families, it is not too late to save a life. 

Find Out How You Can Save A Life Before It’s Too Late

Medication is terribly expensive, and very often not covered by insurance.  When faced with the choice of using an older drug, available for free, or a newer, more promising one whose cost is in the thousands of dollars per month, many families are forced to choose the former.  They may be torn by pangs of guilt and remorse later on, but they simply have nowhere to turn to fund the overwhelmingly expensive treatment costs.

This is where the L’Chayim Fund comes in. 

Read More, And You Too Can Merit to Save A Life!


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