Last Chance! Make A Child Happy Today!

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Every neighborhood boasts boutiques displaying the season’s finest children’s clothing.

There’s one store that’s different from the rest.

Children and parents who enter Bobbie’s Place find so much more than new dresses.

There’s a spring in their step and a sparkle in their eyes.

Many stores offer a “shopping experience.”

Bobbie’s Place provides one to those who’d never experience it otherwise.

Crisp pleats. Vibrant florals. Coordinating colors. And above all –

happy faces.

They step through our doors – and they’re in their happy place.

Help us keep this happy place happening.


$10,000 sponsors Bobbie’s Place for a full day’s Yom Tov clothing distribution

$5,000 sponsors a full day’s girls or boys clothing distribution 

$3600 sponsors winter coats for more than 100 boys and girls. 

$1800 sponsors clothing & winter coats for an entire family for a full year

$1000 sponsors shabbos & Yom Tov clothing for a family for a full year

$500 sponsors winter coats & clothing for an entire family for one season

$360 sponsors yom tov clothing for an entire family for one season

$180 sponsors clothing & a winter coat for a teen

$100 sponsors Shabbos & Yom Tov clothing for one teen

Happy Stats 🙂

🙂 5 Locations

🙂 Staffed by Dozens of Volunteers

🙂 Over 2,500 Families Served

🙂 10,000 Happy Children and Teens

🙂 50,000 Outfits and Coats Distributed

🙂 $3 Million Dollars of Merchandise a Year!