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What’s Going On In Some Jewish Schools May Shock You

Teachers and students were shocked last year to hear of the near-passing of a 15-year-old 8th grader named Leah Levine.* Despite her young age, Leah had not had an easy life: Her parents had divorced when she was younger, and she grew up in a home full of severe mental health issues. The sweet little girl grew progressively more inward, but family members had no idea that she was enduring torturous levels of bullying at school.


The taunting reached a crescendo when another girl told Leah that she should “just kill herself.” And so, thinking that at just 15-year-old she had no hope, she tried. Miraculously, Leah was found and rescued. Doctors, however, were convinced that she could only survive in a completely new environment. Professionals urged her to leave her school and community immediately, and go to Israel, where a high school that specializes in at-risk girls could provide her with the therapy and support she needs.


The teenager put on a brave face and flew away from all the friends she had ever known, arriving this month to live in Israel. Unbeknownst to her, there was another crisis underway: Her family cannot afford her tuition.


A touching letter was written by Leah’s brother, on a page started to raise money for her schooling. Tuition is a staggering $30,000, not including other expenses necessary to provide for the young girl’s needs.


“She has her whole life ahead of her,” writes older brother Menachem about his once-bubbly little sister. “She just needs a second chance.”


Money is being raised via the Chesed Fund to cover Leah’s tuition, and save her life. 


*Details changed to protect the family’s privacy. 

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